Next revelry: February 27, 2022
Upcoming: March 27, 2022

Archery Revelry

On the fourth Sunday of each month, the club hosts a Kaspian Archery Revelry. It is a fun day of competition with both ground and mounted courses. Everyone, from experienced archers cantering down the lane to beginners shooting on the ground, can come out, shoot, and watch the sport. When possible, mounted scores are submitted with the IHAA postal match series. This allows the club to participate in the international mounted archery community.

Anticipated Schedule

!0:00 AM: Ground Archery (including a long distance course, ambidextrous course, and walking course)

1:00 PM: Lunch

2:00 PM: IHAA postal match courses at walk and trot (visit for more information) 

Canter course is modified from standard patterns to fit on a 50m track.

Archery Revelry Registration Form

Thanks for registering! Payment can be etransfered to You will receive a conformation email when we process your entry.

To register for an upcoming competition please submit the following online form. Payment can be etransfered to Spots will not be held until payment is received.

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