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Rendezvous August 13-21, 2022

These training days and grading competitions give the horseback archers that are competent at the canter an opportunity to practice and learn together in a focused event that allows them to advance their skills and obtain scores as they progress in the horse archer levels as per the International Horseback Archery Alliance grading scales.  Many of the training modules will be focusing on assisting participants through the requirements for HARCAN certifications.

It is also an opportunity for beginners to kickstart their introduction to horse archery and apply their learning by competing in a grading event at whatever level they have achieved. 


We are asking that competition applicants be competent and confident riders at all gaits and able to handle a horse in a potentially stressful training situation. 

The grading competition is conducted as per the rules and guidelines of the International Horseback Archery Alliance. 

Signed waivers must be completed before participating. 

Arrangements for  accommodations, meals etc. will be finalized closer to the date.


The weekend events are free of charge to spectators. 

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Rendezvous 2022
Registration Form

Thanks for registering! Payment can be etransfered to (password: Kaspian). You will receive a conformation email when we receive payment and process your entry.

To register for the Training / Grading events please submit the online form. Payment can be etransfered to Spots will not be held until payment is received.

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