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Our Club

Founded in 2018, Kaspian Mounted Archery is a vibrant and fast growing mounted archery club located in Olds Alberta, Canada.  We focus on building a fun-loving community of enthusiastic intuitive archers most of whom shoot from horseback. Our current members come from all kinds of backgrounds, no archery experience, traditional and compound bow users, dressage, roping, jumping, trail, mounted shooting and many other riding skills. Everyone is welcome! We strive for an atmosphere of peer encouragement and learning, so that everyone can benefit from a new skill and being part of an active social community.


We have access to amazing facilities! There are numerous target types for both practice and competition including Raid and Tower targets, cymbal targets, and hanging targets. School bows, arrows, quivers, and thumb guards allow anyone to try mounted archery and are available for sale if you want to get involved. There is a 120m outdoor sand track and a 50m indoor track, so we can play all year round!


Regular weekly practices are the perfect time to improve your skills and talk with friends. The club offers clinics to give new archers a start in the sport and introduce the techniques. We also participate in IHAA postal matches where archers worldwide compare scores in a friendly online competition.

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