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We offer horse archers access to full leather, custom fit, ambidextrous quivers. All quivers are stabilized with a harness system that ensures your arrows are always where you expect, even on a galloping horse. Each side can hold 14 arrows. The quiver is based on size of archer and length of arrow with entirely adjustable belt settings to fit different hip configurations.


If you are interested in purchasing a custom quiver please email with questions or submit our order form at Custom quivers start at $300 plus shipping. Pricing of add-ons (front pocket, trinket pouch, tooling, stamping, painting, leather overlay) is based on labor required at $25/hour with quote given after design plan is solidified. 

We also offer simple ambidextrous Kaspian quivers in a multitude of colors. Each side can hold 10 arrows. The lace harness system effectively stabilizes the quivers and allows for fast adjustment to different archers. Simply pick your desired color and start shooting! Kaspian quivers are $150 plus shipping. Email to order.

Sheridan Style
Paint Horse
Celtic Knot
Butterfly and Flower
Three Flowers and Leaves
White Wolf
Horse With Quote
Black Saddle Swirl
Light Tan Turkish
Kaspian Quivers
Black Vine Ottoman
Custom Logo Tooling
Woodgrain Ottoman
Floral Vine
Dog Collar
Dog Collar 2
Rustic Strip
Saddle Swirl
Kaspian quiver
Snake skin
Knife Sheath
Antique Border Turkish
Harness System Layout
Trinket Pouch
Floral Kaspian
Assorted Buckles
Celtic Circle Kaspian
Assorted belt stamps
Rustic Strip
Turkish Tile
Small Archer Quivers
Textured Overlay Ottoman
Black Ottoman
Fade to Black
Camera Strap
Camera Strap 2
Stitched Rose
Turkish Floral
Natural Ottoman
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