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Equipment:  The Kaspian Horse Bow Store carries everything you will need for horse back archery from childeren and beginners to international level competitors.

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We currently have over 100 horse bows in stock. Archers are able to try a variety of styles and weights to experiment with what they like best.



Arrows are the consumable of the sport, but they still last hundreds of shots! We have a variety of arrows with different tips, nocks, and lengths to optimize the shooting experience. 



School quivers are available for new archers to experience the proper technique. When someone starts to collect their own equipment, they can buy a personalized quiver or choose from a variety of premade ones. 

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A variety of targets are available for those that would like to practice at home. Feedbag balls and target faces to pin to hay bales are affordable options for stopping arrows. Startup clubs can purchase a competition track package that includes a 90m lane stacks and lines, Raid and Tower target stands and target foams.

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Miscellaneous Equipment

A pair of thumb guards protects the hands while still allowing dexterity for drawing and nocking. Thumb guards are made of leather and are an essential piece of equipment to enjoy the sport.  We also carry extra bowstrings, fancy bow bags, bow string retainers, a variety of speed nocks, and promotional clothing.

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Double Shot

Double shot is our trusted steed for first learning how to shoot from horseback. It gives you the feel of riding on a steady moving platform.

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And we can't forget the horses!

We have several quiet, experienced archery horses and future pros in training. We couldn't do the sport without them!

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